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WireWall High Security Fencing slideshow Welded wire mesh security fence was first developed in Europe where it has almost completely replaced chainlink fence for perimeter barrier security. Today, European style WireWall welded security fence is made here in America in Northbridge, Massachusetts by Riverdale Mills, for more than 20 years' America's leading manufacturer of high quality, marine grade welded wire mesh products.

When compared to common chainlink fence, WireWall is the BETTER CHOICE as a SECURITY BARRIER for PERIMETERS as well as other applications. WireWall's key benefits are:

WireWall High Security Fencing anti climb ANTI-CLIMB: Small openings - no toe or finger holds. WireWall welded security fencing is a superior security barrier for perimeters and critical infrastructure assets, such as bridges, pumping stations, fuel dumps, and chemical plants, and even for window screens, and security cages. WireWall welded security mesh has been manufactured in the United States by Riverdale Mills since the early 1990's and is installed at nuclear power plants, truck manufacturing facilities, prisons, water treatment plants, railroad facilities, bridges and many other locations

WireWall High Security Fencing anti cut ANTI-CUT: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult. WireWall welded security mesh has been the standard in Europe for over 20 years for security barrier applications where high security protection is a must. Developed in the 1980's by the British Prison Service, welded security fencing is routinely used in England and elsewhere in Europe as a security barrier to protect valued assets and to protect the general population from the bad guys. Since the early 1990's, Riverdale Mills, America's leading manufacturer of welded wire products, has been making high quality wire mesh fencing, called "WireWall", right here in Northbridge, Massachusetts.

BETTER VISIBILITY: flat, two-dimensional profile, easier to see through than chainlink.

Several mesh designs: small openings - no toe or finger holds.

Several framework types: "C" posts; round posts; square posts - whatever works best.

Sophisticated European Style: Used at the EuroTunnel, Heathrow Airport and elsewhere.

Selection of coatings and colors: plain steel; galvanized; galvanized plus marine grade PVC in standard colors: black and dark green.

Typically one third less expensive installed (in non-urban areas) compared to competing "Minimesh" chainlink fence. Typically one half as expensive installed (in non-urban areas) compared to ornamental security grade fence.

Riverdale Mills is famous for its ocean-tough, marine grade welded mesh, originally designed to be used by lobstermen in the unforgiving waters of the harsh Atlantic Ocean. Today Riverdale's highly durable trap wire has replaced nearly 90% of the old wooden lobster traps in North America. And you can not fool a New England lobsterman. Riverdale wire is the best. Today Riverdale makes WireWall welded wire mesh security fence by the same exacting standards used for its marine grade welded wire mesh.

Security: where deterrence is the primary objective.

Basic Perimeter: used to define property lines at a low cost.

Decorative: where looks, style and costs are equally important.

Other Applications: window screens, protective cages, facades, etc. using custom fabrication.


Partners/Installers: Over 120 of the best fence contractors and custom fabricators in America are qualified to handle WireWall welded mesh security fence.

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